Introduction to Morality Online Course

Do you want to form your mind in the truth, beauty, and goodness of the Catholic moral tradition? My seven-hour online Introduction to Morality course is available now, so you can delve into the first few lessons while I continue to record and add materials.


The whole course will be complete by the end of May, when I finish teaching my live Intro to Morality course for the Archdiocese of Seattle’s deacon formation program. As of today, half the videos have been recorded, and about a quarter of them have been uploaded and are ready for you to watch.  Lesson 1 is totally complete with a quiz and a handout; quizzes and handouts will soon be uploaded to accompany the rest of the videos available.

Here’s the course description and syllabus:

Introduction to Morality Syllabus Online Class

I hope you can join me as we delve into the riches of the Catholic moral tradition together. This is a great way to gain clarity and confidence in understanding the foundational principles behind specific moral teachings. This will help you understand and articulate what we believe as Catholics as you discuss moral issues with the people in your life. It’s great for committed Catholic adults looking to deepen their formation, parents, precocious high-schoolers (including homeschooled high school students), teachers, pastoral associates and parish volunteers. I’m thinking youth ministers in particular may want to check this out, too.

Your registration gives you access to the course for a full year, so you can move through the lessons at your own pace from anywhere you have internet.


Remember, listeners to Dr. Tom Curran’s “Sound Insight” program on Sacred Heart Radio have a discount code which reduces the price to $400, or $100 a month for four months, plus, 10% of the registration goes back to support Sacred Heart Radio.  If you forgot the code we gave on-air, you can contact me through the button for the code. Just include the call number of your Catholic radio station and a few details about what you heard on air, and I’ll email you the code.

(You can also get the code from listening to the show recording online, once it’s posted.)

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